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This exhibition will develop and change over the four weeks it spends in our feature window. Keep coming back to see what changes!

Juanita Humphris’ passion for papiér mâché began when, many years ago, she acquired a hand operated machine that made logs out of waste paper for burning on the fire.  The log making process involved ripping up paper and soaking it overnight in water, loading the resultant pulp into the machine, squeezing the water back out of it, and leaving the log to dry. Somewhere in this process, Juanita suddenly realised that she was making papiér mâché, and a whole new world of creativity and “making” opened up to her.

Since moving to West Wales over twenty years ago, Juanita has researched and experimented with different ingredients and mixes and as the world of papiér mâché and its ancient traditions began to reveal itself to her, and she really began to appreciate the medium’s wonderful versatility and adaptability  – realising that she could make almost anything with it.  Shapes, creatures, objects, beings, animals were all calling to be brought forth from this pulp. In her own words, Juanita says “I was hooked and I have been ever since.”

In this exhibition “Time to Care”, Juanita combines the warmly traditional imagery of childhood summers, carefree days of fun and laughter by the sea, rock pools, sand between the toes, the raucous cackle of seagulls, summer meadows filled with the aroma of flowers and the call of a curlew off in the middle distance as the dusk began to creep it’s fingers over the evening. However, all may not be as idyllic as it seems, as this exhibition will develop and change over the four weeks it spends in our feature window. Keep coming back to see what changes!

The exhibition “Time to Care” runs from Tuesday, May 14th until Saturday, June 8th in our feature window at Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery, King Street Carmarthen.

Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery, 24 King Street, Carmarthen is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10.00 am until 5.00 pm. Admission is free.

Following an accident in 2009, artist Kevin Chunisingh is Tetraplegic, resulting in paralysis from the chest down and loss of hand function. Having never painted before, in 2014 Kevin found a way to strap a paintbrush to his hand and since then he has been working with acrylics and different mediums on a variety of subject matters.

In January of this year, Kevin submitted three pieces of work for The Dr Huw Bevan Jones Art Award, a bi-annual event held by Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery. Although he didn’t win the competition, his work caught the eye of the judges and gallery manager, Eiryl George. “There was just that ‘something’ that drew you to Kevin’s work”, says Eiryl – “a vibrancy and life-force that seemed to lift the painting off the canvas. We are delighted to have Kevin’s work here at Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery”.

As his journey in to painting progressed, Kevin has been more and more drawn to wildflower meadows.  He says “I have enjoyed painting scenes inspired by my favourite outdoor places. I tend to paint better from seeing and feeling a place by being there, rather than just from photos”

Kevin needs some physical help to paint which is time limited, so when he does get the opportunity to do so, he can feel a lot of additional pressure to create something good. He often feels exhausted by the end, both mentally and physically, but it’s worth the effort, especially, he says, when someone connects to his work.

Kevin is currently developing some new subject ideas based upon texture and rust, inspired in part by tree bark at Dinefwr Park. He lives in Burry Port with his wife Becky.

The exhibition “The Story so Far” runs from Tuesday, April 30th until June 8th in Gallery 2 at Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery, King Street Carmarthen.

Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery, 24 King Street, Carmarthen is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10.00 am until 5.00 pm. Admission is free.

For more information, please contact Eiryl George 01267 243815 or

Our feature window is laden with stunning new work from potter, Mick Morgan. We’re not only loving the forms, shapes and surface decoration but also the fact that all the pieces have Welsh names! Come and meet Tanwen, Angharad and the gang.

Mick Morgan’s first recollection of clay was digging it from the garden, making marbles, painting them when they were dry and swapping them for glass ones. Mick had only had one single pottery lesson throughout his formal education until he decided to take a night class after an inspiring visit to David Frith¹s pottery in Denbigh.

Mick likes the idea of digging something out of the ground, fashioning it into something and then, to cap it all, heating it up with fire, which changes into a durable visual statement. If you are lucky it hints at the licking flames and dripping molten substances from whence it came. Mick loves the haphazard; his wish is for happy accidents but he claims to be a complete control freak and like to think that he manipulate circumstances within which these accidents can happen. After thirty years, Mick says that this possibility still excites him.

The elegant and accomplished exhibition of brand new work from expert print maker Alan Williams is still in Gallery 2 and runs until the 27th of April.  Alan is one of The Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery`s much admired core artists. He lives in the Tywi Vallery, West Wales and is the founder of  the renown Swansea Print Workshop.

Marlene Wareham’s stunning equine photography is also still taking pride of place in our main gallery. This selection of new work illustrates a  gentle and intimate narrative. The close up portraits she has taken look deeply into the eyes of her powerful subjects,  inviting an emotional response from the viewer. Marlene`s ability to communicate with her subject is undoubtedly a unique gift, we are so proud to be able to show her work in the reception area of the gallery.

We are open from 10.00 til 5.00 , Tuesday – Saturday.  Our friendly staff are here to help you and answer you questions. We would love to see you.

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