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Hector has been delivering psychological therapy for over twenty years. He has a very kind, compassionate and down to earth approach which is supported by his years of experience and knowledge helping many people with their individual emotional and psychological difficulties. As well as his degrees in Psychology and Counselling Psychology Hector is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person Centred Counselling, Solution Focused Therapy and a great understanding of the process of counselling and helping to bring about positive change.

Hector’s approach to this work in a very down to earth style. He has a naturally kind, empathic and compassionate manner and this, as well as over 20 years experience and knowledge, working as a Counselling Psychologist and mental health professional can help bring about positive change.

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Hector is very happy to chat through any questions you might have as to whether he might be best placed to offer you the support and help you might be looking for. To book an appointment direct or arrange a free 30 phone consultation please click on the link below.

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